Welcome to Atex Mowers New Zealand

Atex Mowers New Zealand are based in Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand. The range of ride on mowers / brush cutters that are available from Atex New Zealand are engineered to exceptional Japanese standards. Powered by Kawasaki V Twin engines with class leading high capacity hydraulic drive pumps.  They offer great operator features and comfort, such as:

Fabricated Chassis
Heavy Duty Mowing Decks
Stepless blade height adjustment
Skid Plates
Expanding shoe emergency and park brake
Hand & foot operated travel control
Light steering with ball

The Atex Mower range's are truly amazing pieces of equipment to both operate and maintain available in 2WD and 4WD. The Atex 4WD is the next generation of 4WD all terrain mowers.

Capable of cutting through grass, broom, gorse and saplings. The Atex AR950F is able to operate in wet muddy and hilly conditions; they can clear overgrown areas of your property safely and with ease due to excellent traction from tractor style mud grip tyres, diff lock and 4WD on demand with optional ROP's.

Our clients say...

Since I bought my Atex 4wd mower from Stihl Shop Motueka it has mowed for 246 hours without needing any repairs or replacements apart from 3 sets of blades. Seem a lot of blades? Wait til you read what the mower has been asked to do! It’s life started in a wetland restoration project. That involved creating a network of tracks through gorse and blackberry 2-3 metres high with uneven silt and waterholes underneath.
After 3 kilometres or so of 2 metre wide tracks we went looking for the next challenge. An organic farm wanted the orchard,vegetable beds and pond surrounds cleared after a couple of years of neglect. One puncture and numerous bits of wire and farm bits and pieces later we moved on to a piece of land beside the Buller river that used to be a landcorp farm and was a mixture of bush, blackberry, 1-3 metre high broom and a very large number of granite boulders! 6 kilometres of track, 1 hectare of completely cleared land [now grass] and a lot of hours later we returned to the wetland.
This time an area needed clearing for planting in sedges and flax. This involved getting rid of 1.8 metre high clumps of tall fescue grass, the biggest challenge yet as we got stuck a few times on top of clumps with all 4 wheels off the ground or churning liquid mud! It got done! All this cleared stuff is still regularly mowed and extended with the odd large and immaculate lawn thrown in. The Atex handles them all, as well as 30 degree sideways mowing in ditches [no sign of tipping yet!] I have been really pleased with its performance, the belt drive has never given any trouble, even when the blades are grinding boulders to sand. I have one 45 degree bank, 5 metres high, of mostly boulders to descend and climb to access one track. It does it with ease. The robust construction, clever 4wd system and diff lock means theres almost no limit to where you can take it, even 200 mm deep water just slows it down! Brilliant machine......and the seats pretty comfortable too.
Terry Stanbridge

List of Dealers

You can view and purchase our mowers from the following stores:

Stihlshop Motueka 03 5289159

Stihlshop Richmond 03 5446122

Mikes Mowers and Chainsaws, Blenheim 03 5779933

Stihlshop Silverdale 09 4265414

Stihlshop Westport 03-789 5331

Stihlshop Greymouth 03-768 0230

Stihlshop Kumeu 09-412 8592